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My AC Is Leaking – Should I Be Worried?

Air conditioning units work by pulling in warm air and passing it over refrigerant-cooled tubing or coils, before sending it back out to cool a room and its occupants. As the warm air is cooled, droplets form on the coils or tubes due to condensation.

A small amount of this fluid showing up is expected, especially during warmer seasons such as this one. However, excessive dripping is most likely a sign of a leak. An air conditioner leak can release a gas which when inhaled can cause headaches, nausea and sometimes difficulty breathing. Moreover, your AC leaking can be a sign of damage to certain parts of your AC unit.

Air filters trap debris, dust, and dirt from the air. This protects you by allowing you to breathe clean air and also protects your AC unit. Air Filter: A dirty or clogged air filter may also cause your AC to leak. If you haven’t replaced your filter in a while, this is a good place to start. A dirty filter prevents your air conditioner from working properly, causing ice to form on the coils which will drip and create a leak.

It’s advisable to change your filter every 30 days especially during the months when your AC is working harder. It’s not only better for your health and pocket (less energy wasted) it will also prevent AC leaks.

Another reason your AC could be leaking is that the drain pan that catches condensation may be broken. That the large pan below the cold coil (called the condensate pan) is not rotted and full of holes and leaking water into the house. Note, that in most cases, replacing the pan below the coil is usually not something a homeowner can tackle. A leaking pan is almost always better repaired by a licensed air conditioning heating ventilation contractor (HVAC).

If you see a puddle of water on your floor or under your air conditioner unit, call the experts at Dynamic Heating and Cooling to check whether the drain pan is damaged. If it is, we can discuss replacing it quickly and affordably.

The condensate pump removes water produced during cooling from your AC unit and pumps it out via pipe, in most cases, to an outside drain. It’s not likely that you’ll need to replace your pump too often. However, you’ll know when your condensate pump is not working. Over time, your condensate pump’s motor may start to fail, or the switch which turns the pump on and off may become worn due to accumulating dirt and debris. The most obvious sign that you need a replacement is when your condensate pump is leaking. You’ll notice small puddles of water on the floor or surface areas near the specific appliance.

Logically, if the system meant to pump out water is not pumping correctly or at all, water will accumulate, appearing as leaks.

An AC leak can be due to a minor issue such as a clogged filter or a major one like a damaged condensate pump. To protect your family and appliance investment, don’t put off taking care of any AC leak. Reach out to us to speak to an HVAC specialist in Culpeper VA. We at Dynamic Heating and Cooling are happy to help you identify the cause of your AC leak and fix it promptly.

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