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Top Ten Eco-Friendly AC Tips for Earth Day

Earth Day is here and it’s a great time to reflect on ways to be more environmentally conscious. Not only does making more eco-friendly choices benefit the planet, but it’ll also benefit your wallet. How so? Well, as homeowners, the choices you make every day with your home comfort systems can either save or cost you money.

For example, did you know that heating and cooling systems account for 46% of the energy used in homes across the US? That’s almost half! When it comes to being environmentally friendly, assessing your use of air conditioning in Fredericksburg, VA will make a big difference. Let’s look at some small ways you can improve your AC’s efficiency to reduce your carbon footprint, save energy, and lower your utility bills. It’s a win-win all around!

1. Change the Air Filter

One of the easiest ways to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency is to change the air filter on a regular basis. During the cooling season, it’s recommended that you change it (or clean it if you have a reusable filter) every 1-3 months. 

2. Set the Temperature to 78° F in Summer

You may be tempted to set the thermostat to a balmy temperature in the low 70s, but doing so will result not only in a high utility bill but also results in a lot of energy usage. Dress lightly at home during the summer and try setting the temperature to 78°.

3. Use Ceiling Fans

If your home has ceiling fans, use them to help draw cold air higher up into the room so it circulates around your face instead of down at your feet. Ceiling fans should turn counterclockwise in the summer. 

4. Keep Your Curtains Drawn

Keep the shades or curtains closed in bedrooms and rooms you’re not using during the day, especially if they get direct sunlight. 

5. Spring Cleaning

Add this to your spring cleaning list: make sure your indoor and outdoor units are free from clutter and debris. In order to work effectively, they both need a minimum 2-foot perimeter for optimal airflow. 

6. Open Your Vents

It’s a mistake to think that closing some of the vents in your home will lower the temperature in other rooms. All your vents should be open and there shouldn’t be any items blocking their airflow.

7. Consider Adding Insulation

Did you know that having a well-insulated home affects its ability to stay cool in the summer? If you have an older home, consider adding insulation to maximize your home’s ability to keep cool.

8. Have Your Ducts Inspected

Here’s an eye-opening statistic: as much as 30% of the conditioned air can be lost through leaks in ductwork. Schedule ductwork testing with a reputable HVAC company to determine how solid your ductwork is.

9. Choose a High-Efficiency AC

When it’s time for AC replacement, choose a high-efficiency model. Although they cost more upfront, you’ll reap the benefits of saving money on your utility bills for years.

10. Schedule Annual AC Maintenance

The best way to get top-notch performance from your AC is through routine maintenance. A well-maintained air conditioner will perform at peak performance.

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