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Why Is Your AC Blowing Warm Air?

The warmer months are here, which means we rely on our AC units to keep us cool. So that we can enjoy a comfortable and healthy living space for our family. But hold on… for some reason your AC is blowing out warm air! Here are a few reasons why this might be happening and what you can do to rectify the problem, and get back to comfortable temperatures in your home.

Have You Checked the Obvious?

Okay, so this might be something obvious you’ve overlooked, but could your thermostat actually be set to ‘heat’ mode? It’s just worth checking to rule it out. You’d be surprised how often this can happen. It could’ve been messed around with by your kids or accidentally knocked, so it’s worth just having a look.

When Was the Last Time You Checked Your Filters?

If your filters are blocked then they are going to reduce airflow. Your AC unit does actually need warm air to flow over the coil component within the unit so that it functions correctly. The filters are there to … you guessed it… filter the dust and dirt particles in the air and if it’s blocked, it simply can’t do its job. The warm air needed can’t enter into the system which means the coil component can’t remove heat, resulting in it being blown back out into your living space.

Have You Maintained Your Outside Unit?

Over the winter months, lots of debris can build up in your outside unit, which will of course impact on the function of the unit. Make sure you regularly maintain the unit. You might also want to check that the outside unit is still receiving the electricity supply. Check the circuit breaker or fuse panel, because one unit cannot work without the other.

When Was the Last Time You Had Your HVAC System Serviced?

It’s always worth investing in taking care of something that takes care of you. Your HVAC system is probably one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have to keep you healthy and comfortable, so it’s important that it gets some well deserved TLC. In addition to checking the thermostat, filters and the outside unit, get your unit serviced.

If you would like to find out more about the HVAC services in Culpeper, VA that we offer, or even if you could just do with some friendly advice then feel free to contact us or check out our useful information on our Facebook page. Ask us questions! What helps you could help others in ensuring a comfortable and healthy living environment.

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