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Your Spring AC Maintenance Checklist

You’ve probably heard the saying, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” This old saying is supposed to reflect that March usually starts off with cold weather but that by the end of the month, the weather is supposed to be as mild as a lamb.

Well, we’ve certainly experienced that here in Virginia with the warm temperatures we’ve been having. You’ve probably even had to make the switch from using your heater to using your air conditioner. That’s why we’ve created this spring AC maintenance task list that you can do around your home. In addition, it’s the ideal time to schedule AC maintenance in Culpeper, VA to make sure your AC is set up for success this summer. 

Clear the indoor and outdoor units of debris.

Check the indoor and outdoor units to make sure they’re free and clear of any debris that possibly accumulated there over the winter. If you’ve put boxes, furniture, holiday ornaments, or any bulky items around your AC, move them out of the way. Your AC needs good airflow around it to do its job well. 

Also, check the outdoor condenser to see if grass and weeds have grown around it. Clear the grill of any branches, twigs, dirt, and debris. You can hose it down if it’s dirty enough to warrant this.

Change/clean your AC filter.

Putting a new, clean filter in place is an easy DIY task you can handle yourself. Trust us when we say t’ll make a world of difference in your AC’s performance. Start the cooling season off right by changing out the air filter. This step helps your AC run efficiently and keeps dirt, dust, and debris from entering your AC’s interior parts. 

Check your HVAC vents.

Check the vents around your home to make sure they’re open and that no objects, furniture, or boxes have accumulated in front of them over the winter. You can also use this as an opportunity to wipe them down. This simple step can have a positive influence on your AC’s performance.

Schedule AC maintenance now.

Although there are many DIY tasks you can do at home to help your AC function at its best, your AC still needs annualy maintenance. This is an essential service that ensures your AC will achieve peak performance over the summer. Now is the perfect time to make that maintenance appointment before we start getting calls for repairs. 

Spring is also the best time to have maintenance done rather than later in the season because that means your system is less likely to need repairs. Getting maintenance done now means avoiding downtime later on this summer when you’re really going to be dependent on your AC to keep you comfortable.

The best way to take care of your residential cooling system is with routine and professional air conditioning maintenance. Homeowners throughout Culpeper and beyond have been trusting Dynamic Heating and Cooling LLC with their HVAC needs since 2018 and saving money through our Dynamic Service Plan maintenance program.

Contact Dynamic Heating and Cooling for AC maintenance. Excellence in Everything We Do!

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