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Is Your Commercial HVAC System in Good Hands?

Are you the project manager of an apartment complex or in charge of a large complex such as a hospital or school? If so, then it’s your job to guarantee the comfort of those using the building or structure. Keeping a large building hot or cold is crucial and if done inefficiently, can lead to loss of money, clients and even employment. How can you make sure your commercial HVAC system is getting the best service?

First, look at your current contractor company and see if they indeed “talk the talk” and “walk the walk.” Do they take responsibility and avoid passing the buck? How are they with communication? Are they prompt and do they work with integrity?

Don’t take the small things for granted and manage your reputation with a straightforward rule: hold fast to your core values.

You ought to get top-notch care at all times. Find out if there’s an account manager who oversees your specific HVAC needs. That way, you are assured of few if any interruptions in service and it’s clear what exactly is being worked on, for how long, etc. There should also be followed up with up-to-date proof of finished service.

Does your commercial HVAC company have their ear to the ground in terms of the latest Innovations? Are they using appropriate software during any repairs, replacement or maintenance activities? By predefining the procedures, software allows testing to go faster. The technician no longer needs to rack their brain to remember all the possible tests. The tests are clear and diagnostic accuracy increases because of it. Improved diagnostics help technicians match appropriate repairs based on the measurements they input into the software, instead of guessing.

It’s always best to work smart instead of working hard. When HVAC techs use software to locate any issues and record steps taken to fix them, they can save time and money. That way, a record of the state of your HVAC system is available in real-time. This prevents a technician having to come back if an issue was overlooked due to human error. In addition to electronic record-keeping, electronic payment methods are convenient and quick.

Depending on the size of your building, you may get to a point where you are on a first-name basis with the personnel from your HVAC company. Retention of employees is a good sign your HVAC company is doing something right. Bagley believes that company culture has a lot to do with attracting and retaining employees. He noted that companies can be successful by having a highly collaborative environment, fostering constant communication, and being dedicated to the ongoing training of their technical workforce.

If you notice there is a high technician turnover rate, that’s a red flag. Professional HVAC companies take time and money to train their employees and keep them up-to-date on changes in their field. Doing this and taking care of their needs such as providing good insurance, fair hours and a pleasant work atmosphere, almost always translates to long term loyal employees. This is also an indicator of how they’ll treat you as facility maintenance or project manager.

In short, partnering with an HVAC company that has excellent communication skills, is reliable, stays on top of current innovations and retains their technicians, is a good sign your is in the best care. Our folks at Dynamic Heating and Cooling look forward to proving this to you. Contact us today.

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