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The 3 C’s to Keep in Mind Before Winter

We’re at the final lap of September which means that “Winter is coming” is more than a Game Of Thrones reference. Winter is actually coming. While you’ve been doing everything possible to keep your commercial HVAC system running like a dream in the summer to keep your clients, employees and yourself cool, what about when you need to keep warm? Remember the 3Cs: Change, Check and Clean.


No matter the season, it’s important to change your air filters pretty regularly. When it’s cold though, there are fewer chances of open windows and doors, so the added negative of dirty filters can cause poor air quality and increase chances of respiratory issues. In fact, air conditioning filters should be changed every month no matter how often (or how little) you run the system. The fan causes air to move throughout your business, regardless of whether the AC is on or not. Moving air eventually becomes dirty air, so replacing the filter each month is always a good idea.

So get professional HVAC technicians like the ones at Dynamic Heating and Cooling to inspect and change out your filters regularly, and especially now, before the cold season officially begins.


The next “C” stands for “Check” as in, check your thermostat. Different factors from outdoor cool temperatures to the types of machinery working to the number of people in a building, affect your indoor warming needs. This warming is controlled by a thermostat. Your thermostat regulates more than just your heating and cooling — it also regulates your comfort and your budget. Outdated thermostats can keep you too hot or too cold, which is simply uncomfortable and can actually cause some health problems in the long term.

So before your heating gets to running almost constantly, take the time to check and possibly update your thermostats. There are those that are manual, others that are controlled from one location, and still, others that are “SMART” and turn off or on based on ambient temperatures.


The final “C” represents the word “clean.” It’s vital to have regular commercial HVAC cleaning done, like for the condenser coils. As it gets colder, you may notice your energy costs going up as a result of heating your building. Not cleaning certain parts of your heating system can increase energy costs even more. According to the Airguard Research and Technical Center, a “moderately dirty” coil increases electricity use 39 percent for a 3-ton and 47 percent for a 5-ton system. A product manager for Nu-Calgon noted in a trade magazine article that, “Dirty condenser coils increase power costs. When the coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime, it cannot provide adequate or designed heat transfer. The soil’s insulating effect causes higher discharge pressure. The higher discharge pressure increases amp draw and run time of the compressor, at the same time reducing capacity. Equipment operating with dirty coils may use as much as 37% more energy than equipment with clean coils.”

This is the best time to get a good HVAC cleaning for hygienic reasons and cost considerations as well.

So remember the 3Cs as we go into lower temperature seasons. Like the writer said, “…maintenance makes sense from an economic (lower utility bills), environmental (less powerplant emissions), comfort (restored capacity), and convenience (fewer breakdowns) perspective.” (Contracting Business)

Call Dynamic Heating and Cooling for expert commercial HVAC maintenance services today!

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