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Give Your HVAC System A Spring Clean

The arrival of spring gives us all an opportunity to refresh ourselves and our homes and wipe away the winter months. There’s nothing better than a good spring clean to clear out the cobwebs, open a few windows and let the fresh air in. Many of us have been relying on our HVAC units over the winter to keep us warm, however, springtime is the point of crossover where we will be wanting the opposite from our systems, so now is the perfect time to give it a little TLC.

Here’s a spring checklist for your HVAC system, that will have you ready for the warmer months ahead.

Change Your Air Filters

We can’t stress enough the importance of changing your air filters as this prevents the build-up of collected dust and dirt. This build-up can cause blockages, which over time could end up costing you money to repair and also using up more energy to run the unit efficiently. How often you change your filter, will, of course, depend on the type of filter that you have. So you should check your operations manual for recommendations.

Schedule Maintenance

Always call upon a professional to carry out a maintenance check on your system. Residential HVAC contractors will ensure that your system is ready, reliable and safe for the months ahead. This will involve a number of technical performance tune-up procedures.

Get the Electrical Connections Checked

The electrical connection is a crucial part of the operation of your HVAC system and if faulty, it is not only unsafe but it could lead to damage to the system. You want to make sure that the wiring is correct and to do so, it is, of course, recommended that this is carried out by a specialist HVAC contractor.

Give the Outdoor Units a Good Clean

It’s not just the interior parts of your residential HVAC system that need to be clean, but the outside units too. Over time, dirt and leaves can collect on and in your unit which could end up causing a blockage. Leaving them in this way could restrict the efficiency of the system.

Check Refrigerant Levels

You want to make sure that your home will be nice and cool as the weather warms up into the summer. Therefore, it’s essential that the refrigerant levels are checked to ensure that the air conditioning unit will work efficiently and effectively.

Some of these tasks you can, of course, perform on your own. However, we would always recommend a professional HVAC contractor to carry out the work when it comes to safety and peace of mind. Give your system a little TLC this spring and keep it happy for the upcoming months.

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