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Why Is Your House Not as Cool as Before?

Bad chi, outdated furniture, grown-up kids… While these may be reasons your house isn’t as fashionable or may not have “good vibes”, let’s look at the other definition of cool. Why is your house warmer than usual? As summer is progressing, you may have noticed some rooms in your house aren’t as cool as you would expect. Maybe you’ve cleaned the vents and lowered the thermostat, but you’re still not comfortable. There are different reasons why this may be.

How your AC unit was installed is crucial. Did the HVAC company install the correct amount of ducts and drops to maximize airflow? Were the ducts sealed properly? Was the AC unit placed in an area clear of vegetation and mostly sheltered to avoid getting rusty prematurely Our customers are entitled to expect HVAC professionals to make appropriate recommendations for systems that will deliver expected comforts and perform within the operating cost as advertised.

As stated above, you as the customer are entitled to a great HVAC system that performs well and offers comfort. If your house isn’t being cooled as well as before, get a trained technician to inspect the installation of your AC unit and repair or replace any ductwork.

With a properly installed AC unit, you should be cool as a cucumber. However, to keep it this way, remember that prevention is better than cure, and cheaper too. Having your unit maintained periodically will keep your system running like clockwork and help catch potential major problems early, saving you money too. As far as ongoing maintenance, periodically check your exterior unit and make sure it’s clear and clean. And remember to change your HVAC filters regularly. A clogged filter will make your whole system work harder. And a harder working system means a shorter lifespan. During your maintenance checks, clearing your unit and changing your HVAC filters can make a dramatic difference in your air quality. You’ll experience cleaner and stronger air, and maintain the longevity of your unit.

Cleaning your HVAC unit is an overlooked but necessary chore. You can handle some of the cleaning yourself, but other portions require professional help. It’s the job of air filters to remove pollution from the air in your house. But sometimes these helpful devices need to be cleaned. Cleaning or replacing your air filter every 30 days can cut the energy your air conditioning unit uses by up to 15 percent. Cleaning your air filter and clearing the drainage line are jobs you can do. However, when it comes to cleaning your ductwork, contact a trained technician. He or she can advise on whether you should get contact cleaning or invest in negative air pressure duct cleaning.

Now that you’ve cleaned and maintained your AC unit and made sure it’s installed properly you should be as happy as a clam in your comfortable, well-conditioned house. Dynamic Heating and Cooling has friendly and qualified technicians who are ready to help you move from being horribly hot to comfortably cool. Contact us to get your house cool again.

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