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Installing and replacing ductwork looks easy, but it’s a complicated process if you aren’t trained in the necessary steps and planning required to ensure the job is done correctly. HVAC specialists are typically required to have a license to ensure that all heating and cooling system installations, repairs, and maintenance jobs are handled by trained technicians. Still, sometimes, untrained contractors are hired for jobs, and they can leave your system with many errors.

Some of the most common errors made when installing ductwork:

  • Poor planning – your ductwork needs to be planned to fit around your home efficiently so that the air can be pushed to the right rooms without working your AC unit too hard. Without proper planning, your AC unit could have to push air inefficiently, which can inflate your energy bill and cause unnecessary wear to your system.
  • Inefficient routing – sharp turns and bends lead to crimping in your ductwork. This error is typically the result of poor planning and forcing air ducts through spaces in your home’s framework that are too small.
  • Improper sealing – if the seals between the sections of your ductwork are improperly sealed, you will have air leaks. These leaks lead to indoor air escaping and air from outside the system leaking in, which makes temperature control difficult.
  • Placement errors – if too many of your air ducts are placed close to exterior walls with poor insulation, you will find that the external temperature will impact those air ducts, leading to heating and cooling issues of the air in the ducts.
  • Missing returns – ductwork for AC systems should also include an adequate number of return vents to pull back into your system, which regulates temperature control.

Most of the common errors and ductwork issues stem from poor planning and inexperienced installation. These errors end up costing money everywhere, from the costs associated with correcting them to the increases in your energy bill caused by an inefficient system. You can avoid ever having these problems by ensuring that a trained HVAC specialist installs your system.

If you think you have received subpar duct installation, you can call the experts at Dynamic Heating and Cooling. We can help you replace the bad ductwork immediately, so contact us today online or by phone at (540) 277-9660.

Our experts at Dynamic Heating and Cooling can help you make sure you never risk your systems to an untrained HVAC service provider again. We are committed to providing only the highest quality labor, and our expertise is backed by years of working and training in the industry.

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At Dynamic Heating and Cooling, we offer fair prices and we have one of the most highly trained teams in Culpeper. We won’t cut corners or use substandard parts that could fail or cause your system to work inefficiently. One of the biggest benefits of hiring trained professionals is that you are getting quality service done right the first time. So much money can be wasted in repeating work or repairing work that was improperly done. Let us help you avoid wasted money! We can provide quality duct installation or replacement for your home! Contact our offices for more information about our duct installation services. Our trusted HVAC specialists will answer any questions you may have about replacing or installing new ductwork.

Call us at (540) 277-9660 to schedule a consultation call today! You can also reach us online right now!

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